About Us


Being away from home for more than 25 years, working in IT and travelling to various countries we realized that one thing we always crave and long for is home-cooked food. Nothing else brings us joy and comfort than a good home cooked meal with all the ingredients and vegetables we grew up with. This passion for food combined with our experience in the retail industry has helped us develop Smartbazaar, so the customers can search and order their favourite products with ease and delivered to their door conveniently.


We as a family spend at least a good few hours every week planning and driving miles away to an Asian grocery store, struggling to find parking, searching for the items we want, carrying heavy items to the car, driving back and then being exhausted and overwhelmed by the whole day when we could have spent the time with kids or taking care of some home chores or just relaxing!!! With so many big supermarket chains delivering groceries conveniently to customers’ doors, we thought why not Asian groceries.

Smartbazaar was created purely to achieve this by making your shopping experience smarter by saving time and cost. We source different products from various places and deliver directly to the customers doors on the same day or next day depending on your location. Either way we have tried to remove the hassle of doing a weekly grocery trip. While we are trying to keep our prices competitive, we are equally committed in doing our bit to the environment by promising to minimize single-use plastics wherever we can. All our packaging is either reusable or compostable and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by using eco-friendly packaging and reducing food waste.


Smartbazaar, a simple to use e-commerce application with a sole mission of making Asian groceries more accessible. Delivering quality fresh vegetables, fruits, and groceries direct to customers’ doors at highly competitive prices. We have designed our application not only as easy and simple to use but also introduced creative ideas like Smart Box to save time and money. Customers can also use our Wishlist to save items they regularly buy and place an order in just one click.


With all the challenges and restrictions, it’s never been a better time to launch a service which helps the customers to shop safe and secure. Smartbazaar was launched in September 2020 and since the day of launch, we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive response not only to our service but also to our fresh quality produce and our eco-friendly packaging.


We are an online business, and we deliver to your door wherever you are within the Mainland UK. Currently, customers living in certain postcodes can take advantage of our same-day delivery service or choose a convenient date for their delivery. For customers living in the rest of the country, we have signed up with courier partners who will deliver the goods within 1 to 3 working days with most of them getting their delivery within 1 working day if ordered before 3 pm between Monday and Thursday.