Anjarai Petti -Tadka Box


A collection of most common used ingredients in seasoning Indian dishes. Add them to your basket with one click

1 × TRS Black Pepper Whole (100g) (SmartSave)
1 × TRS Mustard seeds (100g) (SmartSave)
1 × TRS Jeera Whole (100g) (SmartSave)
1 × TRS Urid Whole Gota (500g) (SmartSave)
1 × TRS Methi seeds (100g) (SmartSave)
1 × TRS Dhania Whole (250g) (SmartSave)
1 × Rajah Whole Red Chilli (40g)(SmartSave)

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In stock

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We have designed this box with all the ingredients you may need to enhance the flavour of each dish.

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