Hawkins Multi Snack Pan 30cm


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Die casting is a metal casting process, whereby metal is heated to a very high temperature and poured under high pressure into a mould cavity. The molten metal takes the shape of the mould and the result is a complex, intricately designed pot or pan which adds the metal where it is needed the most, building strength and functionality. Once the molten metal hardens, the mould is opened and the die cast pan is removed. It is then finished by a PFOA free long lasting nonstick coating on the inside and ceramic coating on the outside. The final result is a finely engineered piece of cookware with wonderful properties for cooking. Ideal for dishes such as Onion Uttapam, Tomato Uttapam, Pancake, Besan Chilla, Vegetable Rava Patties, Fried Eggs, Masala Omelette, etc. Use only wooden, heat resistant nylon or silicone spatula (do not use metal).

  • 10 cm Diameter cups – Shapes batter, needs less oil
  • Mix ‘n’ Match Snacks – Save time, serve better
  • 3-coat durable PFOA-free nonstick – Healthy, hygienic, low-oil cooking
  • Hi-Tech Ceramic Coating outside – Scratch and stain resistant
  • Pressure Die-Cast Technology – Allows for metal thickness exactly where needed, so your pan is strong and heats evenly, yet is light and easy to handle!
  • Suitable for use on gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cookers
  • Weight – 1.6kgs

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